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Carry Service at JR Kyoto Station

Sightseeing spots

1Higashi Honganji Temple

A 16-minute walk (1.3 km)

Official name, Shinshu Hombyo. This temple is popularly known as the Higashi Honganji Temple because it is located to the east of Nishi Honganji Temple.
Famous for being one of the largest wooden architectural structures in the world, its large Founder's Hall gate is worth a look.

Higashi Honganji Temple website

2Nishi Honganji Temple

A 16-minute walk (1.3 km)

Official name, Ryukokuzan Honganji. Being one the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto, this site is registered as a piece of World Heritage. The Karamon Gate national treasure is decorated gorgeously with fantastic carvings.

Nishi Honganji Temple website

3Mibu-dera Temple

A 20-minute walk (1.7 km)

Located in Mibu, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, this temple is the main temple of the Risshu sect, and is famous for its connection with the Shinsengumi.

Mibu-dera Temple website

4Kyoto Aquarium

A 25-minute walk (2.1 km)

Newly opened in 2012, this is the first aquarium in Japan using 100% artificial seawater.
No doubt you will enjoy the dolphin show, but there are also exhibition zones themed on Kyoto's river and sea.

Kyoto Aquarium website

3Umekoji Park

A 28-minute walk (2.4 km)

A large park near Kyoto Station, and adjacent to Kyoto Aquarium and Kyoto Railway Museum.
On the first Saturday of every month, a handmade goods market is held.

Umekoji Park website

Shops recommended by staff


A 2-minute walk (130m)

A shop that sells Kyoto confectioneries. The classic "yasai sembei" and "usubeni", as well as confectioneries only made in the summer are great for souvenirs.

  • Opening hours 9:00 to 17:00
  • Holidays Sundays & public holidays
Suetomi website

2Inoue Tsukemonoten

A 4-minute walk (350m)

A shop that sells Kyoto pickled vegetables. Pickled vegetables of the season are available. There is a wide range of delicious pickles made the old fashioned way.

  • Opening hours 10:30 to 19:00
  • Holidays Sundays & public holidays
Inoue Tsukemonoten website