About making reservations

Q: How do you reserve a room?
A: Click <Accommodation plans / Reservation> on the top of our homepage. Various plans will be displayed.
Select a plan of your choice, check room availability, and go on to the next page.
Please feel free to make queries in any way convenient for you, either by phone, e-mail, or with the Inquiry Form.
Q: Some of my group will only be having dinner and will not be staying the night. How should I make a reservation?
A: When you enter details of your stay, there will be a field for making requests, so please enter here how many guests will be visiting on a day trip and staying just for dinner.

About fees

Q: Do the fees include service charges and tax?
A: There is no service charge at our ryokan. All fees shown 【do not include tax】.
Q: How much is the accommodation fee?
A: The accommodation fees at our ryokan are decided according to the 4 factors: 【season】【day】【number of persons per room】【meal】.
See "Accommodation fees" for details.
Q: We have a young child. What are the accommodation fees?
A: We are very sorry. Our ryokan does not offer accommodation for children below elementary school age.
Children of elementary school age will be charged 70% of the adult accommodation fee.
Q: We will be leaving early in the morning, so we don't want breakfast. Does the fee change?
A: If you reserve directly by phone or through Yutone's official website, we will deduct 1,620 yen including tax from the accommodation fee if you notify us by 18:00 on the day of your stay.
We may not be able to make a deduction when you have reserved a special plan, or reserved through other websites or travel agencies. Please inquire for details.

About location and access

See "Access" for details
Q: I want to drive there. Can you tell me how to get there?
A: We are 7 km from Kyoto-higashi I.C. and 5 km from Kyoto-minami I.C. of Meishin Expressway.
Drive 350 m to the north from Karasuma-Gojo, go west on Matsubara-dori, and take the third turning south (turn left). We are on the left side 50 m ahead.
Q: Do you have a car park?
A: We are very sorry. We don't have a car park. However, there is coin-operated parking available close by.
Q: I want to take a taxi. Can you tell me how to get there?
A: We are 2 km from JR Kyoto Station, and it will cost about 900 yen.
Q: I want to take the Hankyu Railway. Can you tell me how to get there using that service?
A: The nearest Hankyu Railway station is Karasuma. Go out of Exit 23 (Shijo-Karasuma Bldg. East Exit) and walk for about 7 minutes south on Karasuma-dori. Turn right onto Matsubara-dori. Take the third turning on the left (to the south). We are on the left side 50 m ahead.
Turn right onto Matsubara-dori. Take the third turning on the left (to the south). We are on the left side 50 m ahead.

About the rooms & baths

Q: Do you have rooms with open-air baths?
A: All rooms are en-suite with a cypress bath, but none of the rooms have an open-air bath.
Q: Do you have bath towels and towels?
A: We have bath towels and towels ready for you in your room. We also have waffle body towels for you to use while bathing.
Q: Do you have shampoo, conditioner, and shower caps?
A: The rooms are equipped with shampoo, conditioner, body soap, shower caps, and razors etc.
Q: Do you have a humidifier?
A: All rooms are equipped with a humidifier.

About meals & where they are served

Q: I am allergic to / don't like certain food ingredients. Can you accommodate this?
A: Yes, we can. Be sure to advise us when you make your reservation.
However, please note that we will not be able to satisfy requests regarding rice / wheat / soy bean allergies, or for the non-use of broth (bonito, kelp), or requests from vegetarians who cannot eat bonito broth.
Q: Where do you serve the meals?
A: At Ichi Shonzui on the first floor. We do not serve meals in guest rooms.
Q: I have bad knees and I want to eat in a chair.
A: All seating is with tables and chairs.
Q: We are going to be arriving late. What is the latest time we can have dinner?
A: The latest time we can start serving dinner is 19:30.
Q: We plan to leave early in the morning. What time does breakfast start?
A: We start serving breakfast at 7:30, 8:00, 8:30, and 9:00. We may be unable to prepare breakfast before 7:30.
If you are leaving early, we will cancel your breakfast and make a deduction from your accommodation fee, so please consult us, and notify us by 3 days before your stay.


Q: How many days before the stay does the cancellation fee arise?
A: From 20 days before your stay. Please read the Accommodation Clause for details.
Q: Is there a place I can smoke?
A: We are very sorry. The entire ryokan is non-smoking. Please refrain from smoking within the building.
Q: Do you accept credit card payment?
A: We accept most credit cards (see below).
VISA・JCB・DC・UC・AMEX・Diners・Master・SAISON・debit cards
Q: Can we leave our baggage with you before and after check-in?
A: Yes, you can leave your baggage with us before and after check-in. If you are coming from JR Kyoto Station, there is a paid Carry Service for sending your baggage from the station to the inn. See the Carry Service website for details on location etc.

Accommodation plans / Reservation